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Computers: An Afterschool Necessity for Many Young Students

(NewsUSA) – Shopping for school supplies isn’t what it used to be. Sure, kids still need notebooks, binders and pens — but they won’t survive without the latest technology either, namely a computer. According to a recent survey commissioned by HP and conducted by Wakefield Research, computers become a significant part of homework assignments for […]


5 Simple Ways Anyone Can Support Animal Shelters

(NewsUSA) – It’s staggering to think that each year an estimated 5-7 million companion animals find their way into the care of animal shelters across the United States.Despite the best efforts of thousands of shelter workers, keeping up with the care of abandoned animals is a daunting task for even the most well-funded rescue organizations. […]


Put a Stop to Feline Urinary Tract Problems With a Clean Litter Box

(NewsUSA) – Urinary tract problems are a common affliction among cats. Regular litter box cleaning is an important step in keeping this painful condition in check. “Cleanliness is one key to avoiding cat urinary tract problems,” says veterinarian Melissa Brookshire. “Urinary tract obstructions, evidenced by straining without producing any urine, are emergency situations that require […]


Harmful Toothpaste Ingredients and Your Teeth

(NewsUSA) – Shoppers study ingredient labels to make sure what they eat and drink is good for them. But there is one ingredient label that is being overlooked — the toothpaste ingredient label. “You will brush your teeth 1,000 times per year or more, and each time you do, you will ingest some toothpaste. If […]


Toothpaste Ingredients Dentists Say to Avoid

(NewsUSA) – Today’s smart shoppers carefully study ingredient labels to make sure what they eat and drink is good for them, avoiding artificial and overly processed food. They know to watch out for artificial flavors and colors, trans fats, preservatives and chemical stabilizers because long-term consumption has been shown to cause health problems. However, there […]


Top 5 Healthy Habits for Pets and Their Owners

(NewsUSA) – Pets are the lights of their owners’ lives. And keeping pets healthy is key to extending the warmth and love for years. Dr. Ernie Ward, nationally renowned veterinarian, pet author and founder of the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, offers his ‘Top 5 Healthy Habits’ for pet owners to help ensure pets stay […]


Mujeres: Véanse Como un Millón de Dólares por Menos de $15

(NewsUSA) – Los diamantes pueden ser considerados los mejores amigos de una mujer, pero las mujeres no tienen que gastar tanto para verse como un millón de dólares. La mayoría de farmacias tienen productos que ofrecen resultados de alta gama sin tener que exceder pequeños presupuestos. Busque estos productos de belleza, los cuales harán voltear […]