Amateur Athletes Seek Non-Opioid Pain Relief

(NewsUSA) – They may not make those “Agony of Defeat” sports reels, but amateur athletes get injured all the time. Maybe it’s from an awkward golf swing. Or maybe it’s from not warming up or stretching before an event. Whatever the cause, though, there’s one scary thing they have in common with the pros. “The […]


News Site Rantt Takes The Time to Get It Right

(NewsUSA) – In the age of nonstop news and often limited fact-checking, a new digital news publication, Rantt, is moving in the other direction, focusing on slowing the story down, and getting the facts right, even if it means not being the first to publish a seemingly hot story. “We’re taking an episodic approach to […]

Science Technology

The Importance of Protecting Patents

(NewsUSA) – America’s economic engine is fueled by innovation. The ideas and inventions that emerge from researchers’ labs or the garages of budding entrepreneurs have spawned powerhouse companies, even new industries. But turning ideas into products usually requires a crucial step: getting a patent. Patents provide years of protection, ensuring that innovators’ investments won’t be […]

Internet Technology

Telecom and Cloud Service Options Expand in Africa

(NewsUSA) – Affordable mobile telecommunications in Africa are expanding through a joint venture between two Virginia-based companies. “Our 20-20-20 goal is to serve 20 million Africans in 20 countries by 2020,” says Paul Delkaso, managing member of the Virginia-based Artilium-Africa, and president and CEO of Tristar and Tritente Global Energy Group. “Africa’s population across 54 […]


5 Recipes That Will Pack A Punch On Game Day

(NewsUSA) 1. Blazin’ Buffalo Potato Skins It’s the big-game weekend and you’re hosting. You want something bold, flavorful, and better for you. Get recipe here. 2. Nutty Tapenade Dips are an easy way to feed the crowd. Here’s a lighter option that is just as creamy and rich as ever. Get recipe here. 3. Spicy […]


Libraries Are Not Just About Books Anymore

(NewsUSA) – Parenting is one of the most important jobs a person can undertake. Although it is often said to be the most rewarding, it can also be difficult, lonely and, at times, overwhelming. Adding to the struggle is the need to find activities that are engaging, fun and educational for both child and parent. […]